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Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is not enough if you are considering using a personal car in your business. Using your car in connection with your business requires a special type of insurance. Standard policies will not give you the protection you need. Car insurance for small business owners is essential because a standard policy only covers commuting use for the most part.

On the other hand, business car insurance covers various things, including traveling to different work locations. Perhaps you use your vehicle to drive employees or visit customers. Anything on behalf of the company will be covered with commercial auto insurance.

Before applying, you should understand the coverage you require, which can be categorized into the:

  • Your use: Such a policy generally only covers the main driver, although you may have the option to add your spouse.
  • For all drivers: If there is more than one driver in your company, this may be the right coverage.
  • Commercial traveling: Individuals who drive as part of their job will require this coverage. If you spend most of your time on the road, you should choose this option.

If you need guidance in selecting the right type of insurance, we are always happy to help.

We offer other personal lines insurance like auto, bond, builder’s risk, dental, disability, dwelling fire, earthquake, farm, flood, health, homeowners, life, manufactured homeowners, Mexico coverage, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, renters, trucking, vision, watercraft, windstorm and much more for personal lines! Please call or email for more details.

California Low-Cost Program


Saberlines insurance is approved by California Low-Cost Program to offer low-cost auto insurance to low-income individuals in California; coverage includes state minimum liability plus uninsured motorists. To qualify, an individual need to provide documentation to show low income.

Saberlines Insurance Services

Comprehensive Personal Liability CPL


Why Do You Need CPL Coverage:

  • If you own property and need liability insurance coverage, you can’t add it to the same property policy.
  • If you need more protection for your assets like rental or vacation properties.
  • If you need personal injury coverage, like for wrongful eviction.
  • If you have a swimming pool at your residence or if you own a household pet.

Ride-Sharing Insurance

We offer Auto Insurance with Ride-Share Endorsement. Using your car for Ride-sharing means transporting persons for a fee using a personal auto. Coverage only starts when a driver accepts a request to transport persons using a digital network like TCN -Transportation Network Company-and coverage ends when the person departs from the personal auto. Coverage is only for vehicles listed in the policy. Ride-sharing endorsement is for that particular vehicle only, with no coverage for prearranged transport and no for property transport.


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