Garage Insurance: Auto Dealer , Auto Repair Shops

Insurance for: auto sales, auto service and repair, paint shops, body shops, sale and installation of auto parts or accessories, public auto parking or auto storage, mobile homes or Rv’s dealers, commercial trailer dealers and towing business.

Garage Insurance policy is designed to insure auto dealers, auto repair and service shops, this insurance policy offers a combination of liability coverages for the vehicles and premises-liability coverage similar to the commercial general liability, this to prevent gaps in coverage between auto and non-auto incidents, the garage policy comes in two parts—one for the auto liability risk and the other part is related to the garage premises liability, this type of Insurance is different from other business insurance as both auto liability and general liability claims could be triggered at the same time, and both coverage could overlap.

Auto dealers sell, service, and repair new or used autos, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles, franchised dealers normally sell new vehicles and deal directly with manufacturers, they will offer after- sale service to their clients, they handle parts recall by the manufacturers, franchised dealers may sell used vehicles, including trade-ins from new car sales, used car dealers don’t usually offer after sale-service or handle recalls or other manufacturers issues.
Other garage business include auto service and repair, paint shops, body shops, sale and installation of auto parts or accessories, public auto parking or auto storage, mobile homes or Rv’s dealers, commercial trailer dealers and towing business.


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Garage policy will provide liability coverage for the use, maintenance and ownership of an auto, and liability for non-auto operation, including premises operations, written contracts, product used or sold, use of independent contractors and garage completed operation.

Auto dealer physical damage provide coverage for loss to dealer owned vehicles and also to vehicles in possession on consignment for sale, sometimes referred to as dealer open lot coverage, this will insure vehicles against collision damage, comprehensive loss or specified causes of loss like fire or vandalism.

Auto service shops can buy garagekeepers coverage for loss to vehicles left in their care, for auto service shops, physical damage is called “Garagekeepers insurance”, as vehicles are kept in the care and custody of the shop, coverage is against collision damage with either comprehensive or specified causes of loss, this later one cost less in premium, as it insure against limited causes of loss, garagekeepers coverage can be limited if it applies only when the insured is legally liable, or it can apply regardless as in direct garagekeepers liability.

Other coverage available under the garage policy includes uninsured motorists, medical payments, personal injury and advertisement injury, loss of income, building and contents.

Named insured will include garage owner, partners, officers who are active in the garage operation, salespersons, general managers and any employee whose dusty involves the operation of a covered auto.

Business which qualify for Garage policy:

  • Auto dealers– selling new or used autos.
  • Repair shops—auto repair, paint shops and body shops.
  • Service stations—auto service, sale and installation of auto parts or accessories.
  • Storage garages and public parking places— public auto parking or auto storage.
  • Franchised and non-franchised dealers for mobile homes or rv’s
  • Franchised and non-franchised commercial trailer dealers
  • Tow truck operators—independent towing business.

Workers Comp for Auto Related Industries:

Targeted Classes
  • Auto Repair & Body Shops
  • Auto Parts & Supplies
  • Rental & Leasing Companies
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Gas Stations (with incidental towing & 24-hour exposure)
  • Auto Dealers – New & Used  
  • Automobile Accessories store
  • Auto or Truck service station
  • Auto or Truck repair shop or garage
  • Auto or truck dealers
  • Auto Body and fender repair
  • Auto and Truck transmission repair

Multiple Market Highlights

  • Multiple A & A+ rated carriers 
  • Competitive pricing
  • New ventures acceptable
  • No maximum claim experience
  • Minimum premiums from $2,000
  • Multi-state operations
  • Quick turnaround
  • Many pay plan options

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Hard to Insure Garage Risks

Saberlines Insurance has a program for Hard-to-insure Garage business! We can quote accounts with high losses!

Target Classes

  • Antique Class Car Dealers and/or Restoration
  • ATV/UTV Dealers and/or Repair
  • Auto Auctions
  • Dealers, including Salvage Yards
  • Emergency Vehicle Sales and/or Repair
  • Equipment Dealers and/or Repair
  • Heavy Vehicle Dealers and/or Repair
  • Motorcycle Dealers and/or Repair
  • RV Sales and/or Service
  • Valet Operations

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