Trucking Insurance, Cargo Insurance: What’s Included And What’s Not!!

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Cargo Insurance Review- Trucking Insurance:

Here at Saberlines Insurance, we understand the everyday personal insurance needs but we cant stress enough how important it is to make sure your business is fully covered.

When it comes to trucking insurance, Liability and Physical Damage, are just two of the basics that will make sure when you are on the road you and the things around you are covered from accidents but what about the damage the good you are hauling can face? What we are choosing to impress upon in this blog is how important it is to cover what you are hauling. We all hope that things run smoothly, but when it comes to an accident and things are already not going so nice we want to minimize the liability not just for the things around us or the truck itself but the business as a whole.

Cargo insurance is exactly that, insurance to protect the liability that is yours when you transport the goods of others. While it isn’t required by law, often new drivers want to lower the cost of the start up by skipping the coverage all together… that is until they try and get a load and are refused based on the lack of coverage. Unless you would like to haul your own goods uncovered, no business will take that risk on you and even then most business owners get “property” to cover their goods while in transit.

  • Insurance that covers cargo up to the limit that the trucker decides he or she needs to transact business.
  • Usually includes coverage for debris caused by the cargo if it lands on the road or spills into the water.
  • Not required by the federal government, but is required to conduct business.

We recommend continuous self evaluation of cargo that is transported to insure best coverage and read information a from Privacy Shield. While we can recommend specific amounts if you are a trucker who continuously changes types of freight best method to keep constant coverage is to communicate any changes to us as soon as possible. While most policies can cover anything for a set amount, things like sea food could be excluded based on higher risk assessment, and if that is the case, hauling sea food might create a situation where miscommunication could cost even when you think you are covered.

It is not just sea food some companies choose to restrict coverage on, but high cost consumer goods sometimes have certain restrictions on what is covered in your cargo insurance policy, in regards to amount of payout for theft of cargo or whether the limit is sufficient for the type of goods.

While we do provide cargo insurance, these things are just basics to consider when wanting to make sure your coverage is customized to your needs. Speak with the client you do your business with and figure out if they have specific needs out of the policy as well, which they usually do. Figure out what you’ll haul, figure out what you wont haul and bring all that info in to make sure you never over pay, or under covered.

Here at Saberlines Insurance we have carriers that will cover hot asphalt, to frozen seafood, without restriction and the more information we can include in the policy the more we can help you with our competitive marketplace.

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