Choosing The Right Truck Driving School Is The First Step Toward Starting A Great New Career.

5 Things To Look For In A Truck Driving School

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  1. Quality of Training: A new driver’s skills are only as good as the training received. Look for a state-licensed program that combines classroom knowledge with hands-on experience learned on the range and road.
  2. Job Opportunity: What good is a CDL if you can’t make any money with it? The best truck driving schools provide assistance in finding a great paying job opportunity once CDL training is complete. 
  3. Cost of Training: Paying for truck driving school out of pocket isn’t an option for most people. Find a program that offers a CDL training sponsorship which allows new drivers to get started with little to no upfront tuition costs. 
  4. Length of School: Steer clear of schools that promise a CDL in a week or so.  Learning to drive an 80,000 lbs tractor-trailer takes some time. Reputable truck driving schools usually last around 3-4 weeks.
  5. School Location: Keep in mind that the best truck driving school may not be just down the road.  In fact, the cheapest, closest and most convenient school isn’t always the best option. If that’s the case, just think of traveling to school as the first road trip on the journey to becoming a truck driver.    

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