High Risk Insurance for Trucks

What's High Risk Driver?

At Saberlines Insurance we understand not all drivers are lucky enough to get preferred truck insurance rates year after year, Drivers or trucking companies may show a history of claims or drivers may have bad driving records, some trucking companies show bad DOT safety history on the last 24 months!

Truck insurance premium could be one of the highest fixed expenses for trucking companies, but sometimes even insurance at higher premium is not available!

High Risk Insurance programs were made by and administered by states and insurance companies to provide the minimum limits required by law to operate a truck for hire on the highways!

High Risk Insurance offer Auto Liability limits of $750,000 only and its available to any driver or trucking company that can’t find insurance in the standard or non-standard truck insurance markets.

This coverage can be useful for young drivers, drivers with new CDL or drivers with bad driving record as long the driver license is active and valid at the time of the insurance, and remains active throughout the policy period with filing or without.

Higher Liability limits are available up to $2,000,000 either through the same program with a written legal requirements, or through other insurance carriers, if the insured qualifies!

Saberlines Insurance is contracted by few states and our agents are trained to offer this truck insurance program – and commercial auto insurance- to drivers who need it when they have no other choice!