High Risk Truck Insurance

What is a High Risk Truck Driver?

At Saberlines Insurance, we comprehend not all drivers are sufficiently fortunate to get favorable truck insurance rates year after year. Some drivers or trucking organizations may show a pasts filled with cases, or drivers may have awful driving records, while some trucking organizations may show awful DOT safety history on the last two years!

Truck insurance premiums could be one of the most noteworthy fixed costs for trucking organizations. Yet, some of the time, even insurance at higher premium isn’t accessible!

High Risk Truck Insurance programs were made and controlled by states and insurance agencies to give as far as possible the minimum limits legally necessary to work a truck and enlist on the highways.

Generally, High Risk Truck Insurance auto liability cutoff points of $750,000 are accessible to any driver, or trucking organization that cannot find insurance in the standard or non-standard truck insurance markets.

This coverage can be valuable for youthful drivers, drivers with new CDL, or drivers with terrible driving record as long the driver permit is dynamic and substantial at the hour of the insurance, and stays dynamic all through the arrangement time frame with policy period documenting or without.

Higher Liability limits are accessible up to $2,000,000 either through a similar program with a composed lawful prerequisite, or through other insurance carriers, if the insured qualifies!

Saberlines Insurance is contracted by few states and our agents are prepared to offer this high risk truck insurance program.

“Commercial auto coverage to drivers who need it when they have no other choice”.