Lowering NEMT insurance cost

NEMT insurance premiums are changing due to brokers requirement for additional coverage, higher limits and higher rated insurance carriers, non-emergency medical transportation is one of our specialty, we can improve on your current coverage or work with you to lower your total insurance cost, we offer many premium payments plans, and financing options always available, we can offer extended payments plans with lower down payment and equal monthly installments. 

Choosing the right NEMT coverage is not easy. We can help you select the right coverage for all: passenger, driver and broker, and protect your investment in your vehicles, you will be fully covered for any liability against your business. 

We understand your needs when you operate a NEMT business, our experience of 20 years in public transportation insurance will meet or exceed your expectations.

We want to work with your company to lower NEMT insurance cost, by learning more about your business, studying drivers record, company loss history, vehicles age and condition, current insurance limits you have and limits you actually need, we will be able to evaluate the whole picture, and with diligent work, lower your total insurance cost. 

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Since we always rate with many insurance companies, so you can have more options to consider, as a result, we may ask for more information if needed by our insurance carriers.

We offer a customized NEMT insurance proposal to fit your business needs. It will be the right proposal to protect your business and meet your broker or providers requirement, and protect your passengers and drivers.

NEMT insurance rates changing all the time, and can vary based on claim history, driving record, driver training, vehicles age, business experience, NEMT safety procedures, equipment used to load passengers, like  ramps or hydraulic lifts, use and securing of  wheelchair, stretcher or gurney, vehicle capacity, radius from home, garaging address, and other underwriting factors.

Are your drivers trained in the following?

  • General Driver Orientation. 
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Defensive Driving Course. 
  • Passenger Assistance Training.
  • Primary First Aid
  • Human Relations Skills.
  • Advanced First Aid. 
  • Non-Medical Emergency Training.
  • Emergency Vehicle Evacuation.
  • Wheelchair/Stretcher Securement.

Non-emergency medical transportation
(NEMT Insurance)

Factors affecting Operating Cost for NEMT

Wheelchair are difficult to secure in place, wheelchair securement training and written procedures are mandatory by insurance carrier, and transportation brokers, transporting a person with wheelchair is difficult, wheelchair incidents can happen anytime, always double-check that wheelchair and passenger are completely secure before transport,  NEMT passengers need extra care from the drivers, they can only travel in properly equipped vehicles, with wheelchair, gurney or stretcher, loading ramps or hydraulic lifts, drivers need to transfer passengers with care, be familiar with loading and unloading procedures, practice safety always and follow safety manuals as set by the company, brokers or government agencies. 

Saberlines Offers Complete Coverage for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Why settle for any other commercial auto insurance? If you have any questions, please give us a call toll free at 866.747.4242

We recommend the following for your NEMT business, for safer operation and to lower NEMT insurance cost:

  • Transportation safety program for drivers.
  • Driver history and background checks, before hiring.
  • Installing cameras in vehicles.
  • Written loading and unloading procedures, and provide training for drivers. 
  • Training drivers and staff on handling passengers.
  • Securement of Wheel chair, including tie-downs and lap belts training, and written procedures to be kept in vehicle.
  • Handling and responding to emergency situations.
  • Written accident review procedures.
  • Sexual abuse and molestation, reporting and avoidance.   
  • Continuous training for  drivers and staff.
  • Appointed safety manager, regular safety meetings for drivers and staff.
  • Drug free work place. 

Insurance carries don’t favor fast growing business, adding many vehicles or expanding too quickly during first year could be a red flag for insurance carriers, it could indicate using owners operators or non-company vehicles and hard to monitor risk.

Each vehicle is individually rated by the insurance company based upon the vehicle’s age, specifications and valuation, adding more vehicles means additional premium, which will be pro-rated from the date upon which the vehicle was added to the policy through the end of the policy term.

If you need a quote for NEMT insurance, you can call us, or submit complete business/driver/vehicle information to commercial@saberlinesins.com, or fax to 909.608.0613

All endorsements must be in the form of a written request and should clearly state what change is to be made, and the requested effective date of the change along with a 25% deposit for the change if the change develops additional premium. The servicing carriers will not issue the request until the 25% deposit is received.

Most changes are reviewed and processed same day by carrier if submitted during regular business hours. We provide updated Certificates of Insurance and Auto Identification Cards same day. You can view and manage the billing of your policy at all times, and make payments by phone or online.