Trucking Insurance: Trailer Sales At A High, Canceled Loads Based On Shippers And Drivers Being Written Up For Grandfathered AOBRD All Within First Month Of ELD…

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In its latest blog, DAT Solutions reached out to truck drivers, motor carriers, shippers and freight insurance brokers to find out how their businesses are being affected by the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

Responses – there are 110 so far – ranged from “turned truck in” and “put me out of business” to “nothing really has changed” and “ELDs suck!!”

In one comment, Marina Andreyreva wrote: “ELDs were installed in all my trucks before the ELD mandate. There have been many changes in dispatching. So far, all delivery times have been rescheduled due to long hold times at the shipper. Problems at shippers now heavily reflect on drivers’ hours. This must be addressed in order to operate efficiently for both drivers and company owners. Brokers need to be aware of HOS and understand the law in order to build freight accordingly.”

Read more about recent ELD news at Trucker.Com, a link to the article below.

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