Trucking Insurance – Enforcing Use Of ELD – Truckers Fighting Trump About Changes…

Trucking Insurance – ELD Advantage For Truckers:

It was odd seeing all these rules take effect from the point of idea to implementation but is it okay to focus on fighting back?

The regulation seems to create safety on the road more than inhibit the driver from making good money, in reality it might just be the push in the right direction so drivers dont have to risk their safety or the safety of others on the road.

  1. ELDs take away time wasting paperwork and allow for more balanced time off.
  2. With regulation in one area of industry it usually creates ripples to better other parts of it, like truckers pay.
  3. Having more transparency will insure the right kind of economic stimulation and less focus on the wrong kinds.

Those three are just some points to consider but there is a lot more to consider about the obvious improvements these devices and rules will make.

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