What Is A Homeowner’s Or Fire Binder?

Saberlines Insurance ServicesA homeowners fire binder or fire insurance “Hazard” binder assures your lender or mortgage holder that there is insurance on the home in case it is damaged or destroyed by fire or other disaster situations. Most lenders require that the insured amount is equal to the amount of your loan or at least equal to the Replacement cost of the property.

What To Know About Fire Binder

We offer Replacement Cost Guaranteed or up to 150% of Estimated Replacement Cost, Mortgage Endorsement BFU438. Including Flood and Earthquake if needed.

  • Commercial Property
  • Difference In Conditions/Earthquake (Commercial Only)
  • Excess Property
  • Inland Marine/Cargo
  • Primary/Loss Limit
  • Program Business


  • Basic, Broad and Special Form
  • Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost

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