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Workers’ Comp Insurance is an insurance that will pay for medical bills, lost wages, or death benefits to employees when an accident or illness occurs in the scope of work. When a worker gets sick or accidentally injures himself during working for another entity, he is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. In case death occurs by accident in the scope of work, the benefits are paid to the deceased worker's family.

Unlike any other insurance, this is regulated by state and federal law. To meet the legal requirement, the employer will purchase workers’ comp insurance to transfer his obligation towards his employees to an insurance carrier. In return for paying workers’ comp premiums to the insurance provider, employers pay for Workers’ Comp Insurance, and they can't deduct or pass the cost to the employees.

Workers' Compensation Insurance will only pay for work-related accidents that occurred during the policy period and will also pay for occupational diseases that occurred during the policy period, even if discovered late. This policy differs from Employers' Liability coverage, which covers work-related bodily injury, disease, or death when Workers’ Comp doesn't apply.

Saberlines Insurance has 20 years of experience writing workers’ comp coverage for many types of businesses in the Trucking, Auto Repair, Construction, and Food Industry.

Employers must legally have Workers’ Comp coverage before hiring their first employee. There are severe penalties if they're found to be operating without Workers’ Comp insurance. If the employer has no workers’ comp coverage, the state could impose a heavy penalty per worker in addition to the medical costs of related accidents or injuries. Most insurance carriers will not accept to insure a business operating without workers’ comp. However, this depends on the industry, as some industries are more critical and sensitive to accidents than others.

Saberlines Insurance has many markets for workers’ comp insurance, including new ventures and tough-to-insure industries. We can rate some business classes over the phone and provide a Certificate of Workers’ Comp on the same day for some classes.

We Can Offer Workers’ Comp Insurance To Many Classes Of Business, Including But Not Limited To The Following:

  • Towing
  • Truckers
  • Auto Services
  • Contractors
  • Janitorial and Building Maintenance

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Target Classes


  • Workers' Compensation Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Trucking
  • Workers' Compensation TOWING
  • Workers' Compensation Auto Repair Shop Insurance
    • Auto & motorcycle sales/service/repair
  • Workers' Compensation ARTISAN CONTRACTOR

Contractors, including carpentry, cement, electrical, excavation, flooring, HVAC, janitorial, landscapers, masonry, painting, plumbing, tree trimming, wallboard installers, and more

  • New ventures accepted for many classes

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